Sexual Abuse Lawyers in New York

For too long, sexual abuse victims have lived with the pain alone and in silence.

That time has passed.

New York State has now empowered past victims of sexual abuse to seek the justice they deserve.  Under the newly passed Child Victims Act, New York State will allow a limited time period, or look back period, for survivors of child sexual abuse to bring a claim against their abusers and the public and private institutions that did nothing to stop it – no matter when these terrible events occurred.  This new law also states that moving forward, anyone who experiences these terrible misdeeds have until the age of 55 to bring a claim.

How Our Sex Abuse Attorneys Can Help You

Our sexual offense legal team is made up of three partners with a combined 100 years’ experience in the court room.  We have prosecuted multiple sexual abuse, misconduct, molestation, and assault cases and work with the top experts in the field ranging from trauma specialists to former special victims investigators.  Our firm is committed to securing justice for victims and survivors who have been silenced by fear for far too long.

new york sexual abuse lawyer

There is no fee for speaking to us, and talking to us does not obligate you to retain us.  Our firm understands the importance of trust and we do everything we can to build that trust with our clients.  Our consultations are always held in the strictest of confidence and potential clients are protected by the attorney-client privilege.

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