mormon abuse

While the Mormon Church has a formal policy of condemning abusive behavior, reports from child sexual abuse victims indicate that sexual abuse towards children has gone unaddressed in the Mormon Church for decades (1, 2).  Victims who report the abuse to their religious leaders have been met with doubt and skepticism (3). Recently, it was reported that the Mormon Church encourages Mormom abuse victims and their families to report allegations of abuse to a toll-free hotline that is run by defense attorneys for the church, as opposed to reporting abuse allegations to law enforcement (4).

Are You a Victim of Mormon Abuse?

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused, use the contact form on the Contact Us page, or email us at You can also contact us at (833) Victim 9 or (833) 842-8469. We will review sexual abuse claims from any time period.  There is no fee for speaking to us and talking to us does not obligate you to retain us.  All consultations are subject to attorney client privilege and will be confidential.

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