For decades, case after case brought against public schools, public daycare programs, public after school programs, public juvenile detention facilities, public foster care agencies, and other public institutions have been denied for one simple reason – The parent or child “failed to file a timely Notice of Claim.”  Prior to the Passage of the New York Child Victims Act, children who were victims of sexual abuse by a public school teachers, coaches, a public daycare providers were systematically deprived the right to bring a claim against the school unless the child or child’s parent notified the state, county, city, authority or other government agency or district of the specifics of the event in writing within ninety days of the date of abuse (1). An entire generation of people were denied access to the courts because Public Entities that fall under this category include:

  • Public Schools
  • State Foster Care Agencies
  • Juvenile Treatment Centers and Juvenile Correctional Facilities

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused, use the contact form on the Contact Us page, or email us at You can also contact us at (833) Victim 9 or (833) 842-8469. We will review sexual abuse claims from any time period.  There is no fee for speaking to us and talking to us does not obligate you to retain us.  All consultations are subject to attorney client privilege and will be confidential.

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