While summer camps offer wonderful opportunities for children to grow and learn, summer camps are not subject to the same rules and regulations of other child care institutions (1).  Camps are regulated by the states, resulting in a wide variety of licensing standards (2). Further, there are no mandatory national standards for camp accreditation and limited access to federal justice resources, such as affordable FBI background checks (3, 4). Currently, New York State does not require perspective camp counselors to undergo a background check in order to work at a summer camp (5).

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused, use the contact form on the Contact Us page, or email us at info@NYvictim.com. You can also contact us at (833) Victim 9 or (833) 842-8469. We will review sexual abuse claims from any time period.  There is no fee for speaking to us and talking to us does not obligate you to retain us.  All consultations are subject to attorney client privilege and will be confidential.

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  5. NYCRR 7-2.5 states, in part:  “It shall be the responsibility of the camp operator to verify a prospective counselor’s background and character through reasonable and diligent inquiries, including but not limited to character references submitted.”